What our Self-Assessment Toolkits Provide
Corcoran Lawyers Online Self-Assessment Toolkits deliver to you legal information of a general nature required to generate legally binding documents to deal with your personal affairs in accordance with the information that you provide during the online questionnaire.
The Self-Assessment Toolkits are designed to generate legally binding documents that are effective to deal with a user’s personal affairs, where the user’s personal and financial affairs are relatively straightforward and fall within the criteria set within the online questionnaire. It is your responsibility as a user of the product, to provide accurate information in response to the questions. The online questionnaire will alert you if your personal or financial affairs are too complex and fall outside the criteria.
To ensure that the reports generated using the Self-Assessment Toolkit are relevant to your circumstances and reflect your intentions you must be very careful to:
  • provide accurate answers to all the questions asked in the online questionnaire; and
  • review the report carefully to check the document has been generated accords with the answers you provided to the questions.
What this Service Does Not Provide
In using this product, you are not receiving legal advice from Corcoran Lawyers.
This website, including the Self-Assessment Toolkits, provides general legal information. This is not the same thing as legal advice. One key difference is that the legal information provided is general in nature and not specific to your situation. Although the information provided to you may identify issues you may need to address, it will not provide an exhaustive list of issues and it does not provide legal solutions or specific legal advice. There may be additional estate planning issues you need to address which fall outside the scope of this website and the questionaires it contains.
In using this website and purchasing any self-assessment toolkit, you are not receiving any legal, financial or tax advice from Corcoran Lawyers.
Self-Assessment Toolkits are only appropriate for and available for use by those users whose personal and financial affairs fit within the parameters of the Toolkit’s criteria. It is your responsibility to provide accurate information in completing the online questionnaire. Corcoran Lawyers undertakes no check of the accuracy of the information that you provide.
Corcoran Lawyers does not undertake any analysis of your personal circumstances, including financial circumstances, and makes no assessment or recommendation concerning as to whether using a report generated using one of our Self-Assessment Toolkits is the best option for you. It is up to you to assess the report to make that assessment.
If you don’t understand any of the questions in the online questionnaire or are unsure whether your answers to any of the questions are accurate, the report generated may not deal with your affairs appropriately in accordance with your wishes. It is your responsibility to provide accurate information in relation to your personal affairs and to seek assistance from a professional adviser if you need further assistance.
If you would prefer to prepare your legal document with the benefit of legal advice, our lawyers at Corcoran Lawyers would be happy to assist you and you can call our office on 02 9875 4510 to make an appointment.
User Acknowledgement
Before generating a report using the Self-Assessment Toolkits, I acknowledge that in doing so:
  • Corcoran Lawyers has not provided me with any legal advice and I have decided to generate a self-assessment report without receiving legal advice. I understand that there are risks involved in not obtaining legal advice in relation to such a report and I accept those risks;
  • Corcoran Lawyers has not provided me with any financial or tax advice. I understand that there are risks involved in not obtaining financial or tax advice in relation to an assessment and I accept those risks;
  • Corcoran Lawyers has not conducted a fact finding investigation or otherwise verified the accuracy of my instructions in relation to my personal or financial affairs provided in the online questionnaire to generate the report. I accept that I am responsible to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in relation to my personal and financial affairs on which my report has been generated. I accept that I am responsible for any unforeseen and/or undesirable consequences as a result of any inaccuracy in the information I provided during the online questionnaire;
  • Corcoran Lawyers has not assessed my personal or financial affairs and has not recommended that this Self-Assessment Toolkit report is appropriate for me;
  • Corcoran Lawyers has not checked the accuracy of the self-assessment report generated by the Self-Assessment Toolkit against the information I have provided. I accept that it is my responsibility to do so; and 
  • Corcoran Lawyers will provide me with the completed report and I will advise Corcoran Lawyers of my preferred method of delivery.
Privacy Notice
You acknowledge that Corcoran Lawyers will manage your personal and sensitive information in accordance with its Privacy Policy located at https://www.corcoranlawyers.com.au/privacy-policy.  The information that you provide Corcoran Lawyers is stored on computer and paper based files as appropriate. Corcoran Lawyers will endeavour to take all reasonable precautions to protect your private and confidential information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.  The Privacy and Confidentiality Policy sets out how you can request access to and correction of your personal and confidential information and how you can make a privacy complaint.
You acknowledge that Corcoran Lawyers (and its related entities) may send you, during the course of this matter and at any time subsequent to its conclusion, written or electronic communications which may contain commercial and marketing material related to the other legal services that we offer.  Electronic communications will include an option to ‘opt out’ function that can be activated within the promotional emails and other written or commercial electronic messages sent to you.