rafting a contract is a great way to formalise an agreement.  People often think they are unnecessary for small agreements, but they offer peace of mind, and a clear view of exactly what is being agreed upon.  Even for those small agreements like a short-term loan to a friend, or partnering up for business venture, drawing up a contract which clearly explains each person’s expectations of the agreement can help avoid some unpleasant disputes further down the track.  We offer simple contracts from as little as $200, which includes a half hour consultation to ensure you’ve considered all the risks, and the contract draft.

Sale and Purchase of Businesses

Selling and buying businesses requires a number of checks and balances.  When selling, you need to ensure all your legal and accounting information is up to date.  You should also consider what aspects of your business are the most attractive to any potential buyers, and then determine how you can work these to your advantage.  Identifying any weaknesses is also important, and deciding how you will handle these, or present them to any prospective buyers.  If you have any staff, you need to consider how and when to tell them the news.  Some types of businesses often need several years to prepare for sale, so getting some advice well in advance can help you identify any hurdles early on, and prepare a plan on how to tackle them.  We can help you throughout the planning and preparation phases of your sale, as well as handling the actual transfer of ownership.

Partnership and Business Agreements

When starting up a business it is best to get each person’s expectations and a few worst case scenarios down in writing to ensure there are no misunderstandings – even between friends.  Little disputes such as staff agreements, business name changes, operating hours and the likes can cause disputes between partners.  Setting out a few details of the agreement at the outset, can help you to avoid those unfortunate disputes between friends and partners.  We can help by asking a few of the tough questions, so that you don’t have to.  Setting these expectations out in a contract upfront can also save you a lot of money in the long-run.

IT Service Contracts

The Information Technology industry, like most industries, has a few standard contracts which are central to the interaction between the service firms and their clients, including Consulting Services Agreements and Service Level Agreements.  Our team have extensive experience in the IT industry and we bring that industry specific knowledge to our legal practice.

Risk Management and Compliance

Effective risk management programs are an essential best business practice in the current economic and regulatory climate. Our lawyers advise clients in the development and administration of risk management programs, identifying potential areas of concern and crafting remedies to prevent them from growing.