Buying or Selling a Business

Selling and buying businesses requires a number of checks and balances.  When selling, you need to ensure all your legal and accounting information is up to date.  You should also consider what aspects of your business are the most attractive to any potential buyers, and then determine how you can work these to your advantage.  Identifying any weaknesses is also important, and deciding how you will handle these, or present them to any prospective buyers.  If you have any staff, you need to consider how and when to tell them the news.  Some types of businesses often need several years to prepare for sale, so getting some advice well in advance can help you identify any hurdles early on, and prepare a plan on how to tackle them.  We can help you throughout the planning and preparation phases of your sale, as well as handling the actual transfer of ownership.


We can prepare standard contracts for sale or purchase of a business starting from $550 – give us a call today to discuss your situation.