What does conveyancing cost?

Any real estate transaction is a complicated process with many costs involved. One of these will be the fees paid to your solicitor.

You should talk to your solicitor about all the costs in your transaction including the conveyancing fees – none of us like surprises!

Your conveyancer will:

  • Protect your interests;
  • Be your advocate;
  • Keep you informed at every step; and
  • Ensure you can exercise your rights and meet your responsibilities.

All transactions are not the same. Sometimes a transaction requires additional work that was not foreseeable at the outset. A conveyancer is entitled to charge additional fees for additional work. If seeking a quote for fees, you should always ask ‘What is included in this fee?’ and ‘What services will attract an extra fee and how will that fee be calculated?’. You should also ask your conveyancer to notify you if it becomes clear additional work is required.

Corcoran Lawyers charge fixed fees for conveyancing services, will will advise you as soon as possible if anything additional will be involved.