Are solicitors more expensive than conveyancers?

Not necessarily. Conveyancers and solicitors both provide specialist, professional advice and charge for their services accordingly. In most cases, the fees will reflect the complexity of the transaction; this is true whether you use a registered conveyancer or a solicitor.  The perception that solicitors are more expensive comes from the fact that the majority of conveyancers charge a fixed fee whereas most solicitors generally charge an hourly rate.  Having said that, Corcoran Lawyers have always charged fixed fees for conveyancing.

The real difference is that solicitors generally have broader experience and are able to advise you on other matters in addition to performing straightforward conveyancing matters.  While a conveyancer will have qualifications specific to conveyancing and will have a high level of expertise in this field, they are limited in the services they can provide. A conveyancer who is not also a solicitor cannot advise on matters of property law, and may not be equipped to handle any complicated legal issues that arise during the course of settlement.