Career Guide

Benefits and Compensation

The benefits of being a Corpus Juris associate are comprehensive, generous, and highly competitive. Our first-year associates earn starting salaries of US$230,000, plus a US$3,000 transition bonus. The Firm also reimburses new associates for expenses related to one bar exam. We also provide a transition bonus and optional salary advance to all new associates.


It’s no secret that a top law firm is a demanding place to work.  But in the right environment, with the right support, it can be an incredibly satisfying place as well. We understand that career satisfaction cannot be separated from life satisfaction. So we help you achieve both.

We make a serious investment in your career, helping you develop the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to become a market-leading lawyer. Our partners are committed to maintaining a supportive environment in which learning and professional development are a continuous process, not a checklist of criteria that must be met annually. You’ll receive constant feedback from people who are focused on helping you becoming a well-rounded lawyer. And we help you achieve work/life balance by taking a flexible approach to assignments and work schedules, and providing the mentoring, guidance, training and support you need to achieve both your professional and personal goals.


Diverse attorneys, including women and minorities, are actively engaged in all aspects of Firm leadership and management.
To us, diversity is about leveraging the knowledge, insight and capabilities of talented individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, to the benefit of both our clients and the Firm. It’s about bringing a multicultural perspective to global business challenges.
Most of all, it’s about action, not just words. You’ll find we’ve put the pieces in place to create a stimulating, open-minded and progressive environment where we respect and build on the strengths and potential of everyone at the Firm.
The Firm executes a comprehensive set of initiatives and programs to support the professional and personal development of women attorneys and attorneys from distinct backgrounds and cultures.