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Drafting your Will

What can I expect when drafting my will? Your initial consultation with us is usually over the phone or via Zoom.  We find this is the most effective use of your time, mainly because we will have several questions for you to consider, or find the answers to before we can proceed further with the […]

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Unfair Contract Terms under Australian Consumer Law

Unfair Contract Terms under Australian Consumer Law If you ask your customers to sign a contract when engaging your services, you need to be aware of what Unfair Contract Terms are under Australian Consumer Law. If your standard contract terms are considered ‘unfair terms’ your customers may be able avoid paying you. This raises several […]

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Non-Refundable Deposits in NSW

Are non-refundable deposits really non-refundable? Are they legal? Examples Can you dispute them? How we can help Useful Links Are they legal? Yes, non-refundable deposits are legal in NSW, but that doesn’t mean you can never get your money back.  The real questions are whether the business can justify the deposit amount, and why the […]

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